Ensure equitable corporate communication for every stakeholder

All forms of digital content including website or social media content, organizations need to ensure that every business communication is accessible to its entire audience. Organizational policy related to accessible communication reflects how committed the organization is to ensuring every user has access to the relevant information irrespective of their abilities.

Accessibility, in recent times, has been front and center as regulations around it continue to evolve and become more stringent. But making business communication accessible should be considered as more than a legal requirement. Keeping inclusivity in mind while developing corporate communication guarantees wider reach and improved usability; this simplifies interaction and engages everyone regardless of their situation or capabilities.

Simplify information delivery and improve inclusivity with accessible content

At Amnet, we understand that providing unrestrained access to any business communication to every user is a key business imperative. We can help you overcome any accessibility challenge and integrate right-fit accessibility features across your digital communication to ensure equal access for all.

We have a wide range of accessibility services that can be customized based on your business-specific accessibility goals and requirements. Amnet remains deeply committed to ensuring accessibility across digital platforms and media to maximize inclusivity and wider reach. By combining our demonstrated publishing services capabilities, unrelenting focus on accessibility, and a mix of automated tools and efficient workflows, we provide comprehensive accessibility support at every step of the way. We strictly follow WCAG guidelines to ensure your content is compatible with every assistive technology software.

Here’s why Amnet should be your accessibility partner

End-to-end accessibility services

From audit, consultation, and remediation to designing born-accessible content, we help you ensure that your business communication is accessible per WCAG guidelines. We also offer a full range of accessible EPUB 3 services to make e-books accessible at an affordable price. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to best suit the needs of publishers and corporates for document accessibility and standardization.

Accelerated delivery

We understand the value and criticality of both speed and accuracy when it comes to designing and publishing any kind of business communication. We guarantee fast turnaround times and quick production and delivery and even offer complete support for any last-minute requirements or modifications.

High-quality output with guaranteed data security

We are an integrated creative and publishing service provider with a passion for designing, publishing, and boosting brand value through top-of-the-line accessible publications. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization and guarantee data security, confidentiality, and integrity. Our dedicated resource pool undergoes regular training to ensure up-to-date knowledge of web accessibility standards, including WCAG. This enable us to offer top-of-the-line and fully compliant accessibility services.

Flexible and competitive pricing

Whether it is document remediation, web accessibility, multimedia accessibility, or more, we can help you create user-friendly design and integrate accessibility features across every corporate communication in compliance with accessibility regulations like ADA, WCAG, and Section 508. We are committed to digital accessibility and accelerating digital inclusion. Our engagement models are flexible and competitively priced, and we can bundle various services to meet your business-specific accessibility requirements.

Connect with us to find out how we can help you create inclusive content, overcome accessibility barriers, and achieve equitable communication for everyone. Whether you are looking for complete or partial support, connect with us to discuss engagement options.


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