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Have you ever discovered an intriguing product but then found out you could only get it in one location? Did you feel a little paranoid about using your credit card information on a small and unknown website or did the idea of signing up for yet another service eventually discourage you from purchasing? This is how many readers feel when corporate publishing decisions neglect to consider the wide scope of preferences people have.

Reader Preferences

Statista values the eBook market at $16.4 billion dollars for 2020. In fact, there are roughly 1.06 billion eBook readers around the world. Within this segment, some people only read eBooks via free services provided through public libraries, such as RBdigital. Others use subscription services, such as Kindle Unlimited.

Some people refuse to read anything online and insist on the physical page-turning experience. Does your corporate publishing plan keep all of these preferences and more in mind?

Publishing Products

If your company does not publish books, you might believe this information does not apply to your business. However, virtually all organizations distribute information in some form to employees, stakeholders, and customers. When you do so, you ultimately need to consider the same mediums as publishing houses, but on a smaller scale.

For instance, does the investor flying in from New York want a physical copy of your business plan and financial reports mailed to his address? Would he prefer to have it saved as a .ePub file or should you make a PDF and email it? The same is true of information for customers. Should you send coupons and brochures via snail mail or make everything available via the website or newsletters?

Situation Factors

In most cases, the answer to which channels to use for corporate publishing is as many as possible. For instance, employees may need both a physical copy of the workplace policy to keep in their desk drawers and an electronic copy to view from home.

Of course, if some channels prove unprofitable, shut them down but stay open to restarting them. Many people who have only ever read physical books are now testing out eReaders in the wake of COVID-19. They hope to reduce the risk of transmission by not touching or using physical items that came into contact with other people.

When it comes to creating a corporate publishing plan that best serves the interest of your business and its customers, choosing the right partner is important. At Amnet, we provide the creative content production services that make your white papers, business plans, financial publications, and case studies shine. Contact us for more information today.

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