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The corporate publishing and public relations world are always evolving. Every year, new trends help define what the business communication world looks like. With a new decade beginning, expect 2020 to be a time for interesting developments in this field. These are three key trends we believe everyone should be watching this year.

More Integrated Measurement

Data has been a major force for disruption in every sector of the economy over the past several years. However, measurement in corporate publishing has often been disjointed. Expect to see a push for more complete integration of communications measurement. This means that there will be fewer silos, greater data sharing and a focus on building a complete picture of performance through measurement.

PR and marketing teams will also need to show their results using data. If you work in creative content production services, communications or corporate publishing, expect to have to quantify your return on investment clearly and comprehensively.

Greater Emphasis on Authentic Communication

Consumers are growing increasingly distrustful of traditional advertising communication. They do not believe that they can rely on brands to be forthright and transparent, especially in conventional media. Therefore, many brands are turning towards more genuine forms of communication.

One way this is taking shape is through influencer marketing. Personalities with established authority are often viewed as more impartial and trustworthy.

Another form of this is through native content. Producing high-quality content has played a key role in communication in recent years. In 2020, expect to see even more emphasis placed on highly authentic native content.

Discover the Power of Creative Content

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