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Employee manuals or employee handbooks have an important role to play in assisting organizations with the process of onboarding new recruits. An essential component of corporate communications, the employee manual contains information about an organization’s vision, culture, processes, and policies. It seeks to answer all the questions that a new employee may have about the company. Employee manuals also outline the kind of behavior and performance expected from employees at the workplace.

Benefits of an Employee Manual

An employee manual can guide new hires on everything they need to know about getting started on their new job. While there are no laws mandating employers to provide employees with such a manual, it is a good idea to do so because of its various benefits. For example:

  • Make new employees feel at home in their new setting
  • Mitigate conflicts between employees at the workplace
  • Ensure equality and fairness
  • Promote a productive and welcoming environment
  • Instill loyalty and enhance engagement

Important Employee Manual Contents

There is no such thing as the perfect employee manual! Each company is unique in its structure, employee base, and goals. So, there is no one formula that will fit every organization. However, there are some things that must be part of employee manuals. Including the following will help you come up with an effective manual for your workforce:

  • Share details about the company’s mission, goals, achievements, and history. This can be done with a letter or foreword from the founder or chief executive of the organization. Photographs of the workplace can also be included here. Other things you could add to this section are impactful statistics, team outings, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In short, put the manual on par with the creative collaterals you would use in marketing.
  • Outline the code of conduct. This spans the legal framework, dress codes, ethical standards, confidentiality requirements, privacy issues, equal opportunity, and any other policies in place.
  • Provide information on the compensation offered, perks, and benefits. Here, you should also include details about the performance review process and any bonuses offered. The mode of payment, frequency of payment, and overtime policy are all relevant here. Specifics about health insurance, retirement eligibility, and benefits are other things that could be included.
  • Be sure to include all important disclaimers such as clearly stating that the handbook is not a binding contract that guarantees employment and that policies may change depending on the organization’s future growth and trajectory.

How to Compile an Employee Manual?

A well-written employee manual that has also been appropriately designed is more likely to be read by employees. You can achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Keep it simple: Using simple language that is easy to understand is the best way to go. Keep the sentences short, and avoid the use of legal or technical terms.
  • Make it visually attractive: An employee manual with just text in it can appear dry and boring. So add a liberal amount of photos, videos, and infographics to make it interesting.
  • Customize your manual: Use your brand colors and voice throughout the manual. Its tone and style should be in keeping with your brand image to create maximum impact.

Examples of successful employee manuals include the sleek handbook given to all Facebook employees and the simple, yet powerful, slides used by Netflix. While the former catches your eye with its snazzy colors and bold fonts, the latter communicates just as effectively with its simple slide-based approach. While you can get this task done by yourself, signing up with a professional creative content production services can help you come up with a good employee manual without any of the hassles.

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