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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world in more ways than one. The world of advertising is no different, and with a change in customer behaviour, advertisers are having to adapt. The phenomenal rise in the popularity of digital media in corporate communications has opened up new avenues for advertisers. Besides keeping up with the newest trends in the sector, it is essential for advertisers to tweak their strategy in keeping with the times. This can not only help you survive but also help you thrive even after the pandemic is over.

Setting the Right Tone

Advertising is all about telling a story, and here, the tone of the narrative matters. The need of the hour is to find the right blend of creativity and sensitivity, as advocated by leading professionals in the creative content production services industry. As a result, most big names are now leaning toward campaigns that are responsible, controlled, and project empathy. It is also important to see that advertising campaigns are not constant grim reminders of the global pandemic situation.

Actions Speak Louder

Simply coming up with an ad that is COVID-19 sensitive will not do. You need to back it up with concrete actions that show that you are willing to act on your promises. Helping out with social initiatives—vaccination camps, medicine donations, and the like—is a good way of consolidating your brand image. These can prove more effective in the long run than mere media advertising.

Harness Social Media

The number of people turning to social media during the pandemic has skyrocketed, to put it mildly. Investing in ads on these platforms and turning to content marketing can help you have a wider reach with your target audience. Besides being affordable, social media advertising lets you target customers based on factors such as gender, location, and marital status among others.

Come Up with Exclusive Deals

When businesses are reopening after lockdowns, lucrative discounts and exclusive deals can help draw in customers. Advertise these with the use of creative collaterals through promotional emails and your social media account. These can prove especially impactful for sectors such as travel and restaurants that have been hard hit by the pandemic. Deals on memberships or subscriptions can work here even for segments such as spas and gyms.

Focused Advertising

The pandemic has opened up new marketing channels that are likely to hold strong over the next couple of years. Pick and choose the ones that are likely to be the most popular with your specific audience. For instance, if you are a beauty or fashion business, you’re likely to reach a wider target audience on Instagram than on other social media. Entrepreneurs and start-ups might benefit from paid ads on LinkedIn.

New Advertising Channels

Connected TV or streaming channels have taken over living rooms across the world, and running ad campaigns on these now reaches a much wider audience. The sudden boom in the e-commerce sector has also given rise to marketing ploys such as virtual trial rooms and other such apps. Yet another new trend that has cropped up is voice search using Siri, Alexa, or Google. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are some other marketing communication channels that are emerging as hot favorites. Choosing the ones best suited for your product or service will give you a sustainable edge in the long run.

In these uncertain times, having a strong grasp over digital marketing strategies can help you tide over the current crisis and get a head start over your peers. Amnet‘s corporate publishing and communications division offers a portfolio of advertising services to meet all your requirements. Connect with us to know more about how we can be your advertising partner.

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