Extend reach through wider e-book distribution and publishing services

With e-books becoming a mainstay in and, paving the way for, self-publishing, authors now have greater control and also the ability to reach their audience without any intermediaries. The rise of e-books has also compelled publishers to reimagine their business models to stay afloat. While e-books are popular, there is still a great demand for print books that readers love.

To cater to this diversified market demand, authors and publishers are increasingly turning toward digital publishing, which helps in wider e-book distribution. According to a recent survey, 86 percent of book publishers are adopting digital publishing, given the trend and demand for e-books. While there are many automated tools that can help convert print books to e-books, they may not produce the desired result, especially when you are looking to do so at scale.

Impress and engage your readers with professionally designed e-books

Turning a manuscript into a beautiful and professional e-book requires specialized skills, resources, and the right tools for the job. Amnet brings all of that under one roof backed by extensive years of experience in the publishing industry. Our e-book publishing services help to design, edit, publish, and distribute e-books across all the popular e-readers. We ensure that your e-book format is device agnostic and is compatible with every tablet, smartphone, and e-reader. We also offer print-on-demand (POD) services that include designing, creating, and delivering print-ready copies. We provide end-to-end e-book publishing services to meet every author’s and publisher’s publishing needs and provide complete support at every step of the way.

Drawing on our specialized publishing capabilities, we are adept at handling any layout, format, genre, and portfolio at scale. From designing, editing, and distributing to customizing, we can help publish beautiful and high-quality e-books.

Here’s why Amnet should be your e-book publishing services partner

End-to-end e-book publishing services

We offer the entire gamut of publishing services, ranging from designing, editing, publishing, and distributing to providing print-on-demand (POD); we are a one-stop shop for every e-book publishing requirement. By publishing with us, you will have access to a global market via international online e-book distribution through Amazon and thousands of other retailers and libraries.

Accelerated printing, production, and delivery

We understand the value of timeliness and fast turnaround times, especially when it comes to publications. That is why we guarantee quick production and delivery and also offer complete support for any last-minute changes or urgent orders.

Top-quality publication

We are an integrated creative and publishing service provider with a passion for designing, publishing, and boosting brand value through top-of-the-line publications. We are singularly focused on creating long-lasting and meaningful client relationships by helping our clients deliver distinct reading experiences. We understand the value of our client relationships and, therefore, ensure delivery excellence in everything we do. Based on our demonstrated capabilities, we also feature as one of the partners for editorial and publishing services on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website.

Easy scalability and competitive pricing

In a competitive market, the ability to fulfill customer orders in a cost-effective manner is invaluable. With us as your partner, you will have the ability to manage e-book publishing at scale. Plus, you will have the convenience to easily ramp up or down your printing production based on market demand, thus optimizing your publishing costs. Our engagement models are flexible and competitively priced, and we can bundle various services together to meet your business-specific requirements.

To know more about our e-book publishing services, connect with us, and we will be happy to offer consultation and discuss right-fit engagement options.


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