Employee Handbook

Improve employee onboarding and orientation with a professionally designed employee handbook

Every company, irrespective of size, is required to print an employee handbook, also known as an employee manual. It helps to clearly communicate company culture, policies, expectations, employment terms, standard operating procedures, health and safety measures, employee benefits and compensation, and other such information.

The employee handbook is an important document that provides an introduction to the workplace and the organization and defines workplace culture and behavior. Its purpose is to encourage employees to read the material and follow the organization’s rules; therefore, it needs to be well written and well designed. While most companies get the content written in-house, employee handbook design and layout make the printing process challenging and tedious. Thus, in order to make a statement and showcase the value of the material, opting for professional expertise is recommended.

Make employee handbooks persuasive that employees will actually read

Whether yours is a small, medium, or large enterprise, we can help you design an employee handbook that is tailored to your specifications and brand guidelines. Given the growing demand for human resource (HR) compliance and employee engagement, the amount of effort required to create the right content is immense. And as you focus on that, we help to make the publishing process easier for you.

At Amnet, our team of graphic designers brings years of experience in publishing a range of corporate materials and reports. We offer complete printing support, right from designing the layout to creating print-ready copies of your employee handbook. By drawing on our specialized publishing capabilities, we can handle any layout, format, and type of handbook. Our team can help create visually dynamic and unique employee handbook designs that are easy on the eyes and look great when printed.

Here’s why Amnet should be your printing service partner

Custom design and size

Whether you want us to follow your concept and use the images you’ve provided or you are looking for recommendations related to binding, paper finish, and layout, we have you covered. Our design professionals can create a custom blend of design, format, and layout that will make your employee handbook an effective reference material.

Accelerated delivery

Quick turnaround is key when it comes to publishing and it is no different for employee handbooks. We understand the value and criticality of timeliness and therefore guarantee fast turnaround times and quick production and delivery; we also offer complete support for any last-minute changes or modifications.

High-quality design and print-ready copies

We are an integrated creative and publishing service provider with a passion for designing, publishing, and boosting brand value through top-of-the-line publications. We are singularly focused on creating long-lasting and meaningful client relationships by helping you deliver distinct brand experiences. We understand the value of our client relationships and, therefore, ensure delivery excellence in everything we do.

Flexible and competitive pricing

From design, layout, and other creative services we can help you with every publishing need you have. We can even help create an employee handbook template to simplify the publishing process. Our engagement models are flexible and competitively priced, and we can bundle various services to meet your business-specific requirements.

We offer a range of publishing services and are happy to discuss how we can cater to your publishing needs. Whether you are looking for complete or partial support, connect with us to discuss engagement options.


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