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We can all agree that the breakneck speed of technology innovation has led to a slew of new trends within the corporate publishing space. And marketers are continually trying to adapt and flush out varied new strategies based on their business needs and context. However, it is interesting to see how some of the trends have completely disrupted this space and will continue to do so. As we make our way into 2020, let’s explore some of these prominent corporate publishing trends that are here to stay and have greater impact.


#1 Avoid ‘cookie-cutter’ corporate communication

Content personalization cannot be overemphasized in the age of digital communication and data deluge. If you haven’t already started optimizing your corporate publication, then it is about time to redesign your interaction with the customer, employee or other stakeholders. With social media democratizing marketing and communication environment, content can no longer be generic. Contextual, personalized, differentiated, and transparent communication is what will make brands credible and interactive and in turn determine success in the long run.

#2 Pay close attention to design and images

With attention span shrinking, corporate publishing has to move beyond content. Focusing on editorial and visuals is key to ensuring engagement. A well-designed visual content makes it that much easier and faster to understand the message than simply reading plain texts. It is also a proven theory that visual content has a better recall percentage. According to a social media report, if we hear information, the retention is only 10% after three days, whereas add an image and the retention increases to 65%. No wonder why Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are increasingly becoming so popular amongst users and important platforms for companies to distribute their content.

#3 Create shorter videos

Another important trend that has gained a lot of traction is the rise of really short videos ranging within 30 to 75 seconds. This trend again speaks to the ever-reducing span of attention and a rising preference for visual content. Videos are of course more memorable and engaging. With short videos, you can not just deliver a message in a matter of seconds but also derive measurable results. In fact, over 80% of businesses use video as a key marketing tool now.

#4 Ensure cross-media content distribution

Needless to mention that the lines are blurring with the emergence as well as the convergence of channels. Therefore, a cross-media strategy is a must in order to distribute content and ensure wider stakeholder reach through corporate publishing. The primary focus should be to adopt a holistic perspective on your brand communication ecosystem. And then determine and create targeted content for the specific stakeholder touchpoints to ensure maximum engagement and results. This means you need to adapt your publications and disseminate content across channels. Getting the right content to the right stakeholders at the right place – might sound cliché – but it is as critical as ever.

Navigate the trends swiftly along with a publishing partner

The changing trends’ effects are visible and companies are striving hard to understand and adapt to these, as best as they can. However, fragmentation of distribution channels, ever-evolving user behavior, and constant technology disruption have a huge impact on production and distribution costs. And therefore, it is best to partner with an experienced publishing service provider who has the ability to see the bigger picture. Such a partner can help you cut the noise and plan, create and distribute meaningful and differentiated corporate publications.

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