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Communication, in its myriad forms, has been an integral part of society since time immemorial. From crude drawings on rock walls and caves to sophisticated graphs and charts, it has continually evolved and adapted. Storytelling was the earliest form of communication and, perhaps, the most popular. Research indicates that stories are immensely effective in conveying a message and forging connections.

Role of Storytelling in Corporate Communication

In corporate communication, storytelling can be a powerful tool when harnessed the right way. It can help you build rapport and establish trust with your audience. However, corporate communication doesn’t have to be boring and dry. Storytelling can liven it up and foster bonding with the audience. This is because stories tend to have a more lasting impact on the mind and stimulate the feelings of your audience. Thus, a good story with a good narration that the audience can relate to helps brands draw more customers.

Creating Brand Stories

In corporate communication, there are many ways to tell a story and nothing hard and fast about it. Here, storytelling needs to be brief, quick, and clear. Thus, there is not much room for great detail and mixed messages.

  • One good way of crafting a brand story is to begin with a problem and provide a solution at the end. The solution would be what your service or product is offering.
  • Another effective approach is to tell the audience all about yourself. Here, you would use stories to speak about the origins of your brand, the journey to its current standing, and its successes and failures. Inspirational stories about the founders and exceptional employees or customers can all make for good stories.

Instances of Effective Storytelling

One example of top-notch storytelling for branding is the campaign by credit card processing company Square. It comprises a series of short films about different people and communities in the United States who have overcome challenging situations in life to achieve entrepreneurial success. The common theme in each of the dozen films is the risks taken by each of the customers on their journey to becoming small-business owners.

Yet another instance of a good brand story is that of Toms Shoes that claims its founder came up with the idea of the company after a trip to Argentina. During his journey, the founder was greatly influenced by the hardships of children who were growing up without shoes. Thus, he created a company that matched every shoe purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need.

In short, the art of storytelling in business communication is an indirect form of fostering brand awareness, wherein you engage customers with an interesting story and, therefore, in brand building.

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