Whitepaper: Turning Challenges into Opportunities through Complete Digitalization: The New Way Forward for Corporate Communications

This whitepaper gives an insight into the changing B2B industry due to rapidly advancing technologies, digitization of content, and democratization of marketing through social media.

Digitalization of publishing has already ushered in a new age in B2B publishing. Players are increasingly pushing the boundaries, creating digital strategies for corporate communications, and trying to tap into new revenue models through print and digital content.

The B2B publishing industry was already in the process of reimagining its role to seize overwhelming digital opportunities at the start of 2020 when the world found itself thrust into a global pandemic. As the coronavirus pandemic created unprecedented challenges, businesses went into overdrive to reposition themselves to sustain their performance. Even though B2B publishers face profound challenges, this downturn has only catapulted their need to go completely digital to survive the crisis and build future-ready capabilities.

Download the whitepaper to understand the key turning points in the B2B publishing industry since its evolution. This whitepaper will give you an insight about:

  • An overview of the B2B publishing industry
  • How the recession of 2008 and the current pandemic affected the B2B publishing industry, and how it found resilience through digitization?
  • How trying to achieve customer intimacy has become a strategic imperative for B2B publishing’s new normal?
  • How a collaborative approach and profitable partnerships can help the industry to recover from uncertainties and build stability?
  • Ensuring a sustainable future through the right mix of strategy and digital capabilities.

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